About us

CITec GmbH was founded in 1999. We are an experienced, small team of civil engineers who are intensively acquainted with the electrochemistry of corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete. In a research and development project, funded by the programme FUTOUR of the German Ministry of Economics, we have developed patented tools and procedures for  electrochemical chloride extraction (ECE) of concrete that have been used successfully on 40 structures with a total surface of more than 4,700 m² (2021). During the first trial applications of ECE the necessity became obvious to have a thorough corrosion diagnosis for sound information about feasibility, treatment areas, local conditions and verification of success.

Very quickly, corrosion diagnosis became a separate field of work and service. From 2011 we have access to enhanced electrochemical test methods that enable a very precise assessment of corrosion behaviour.

With our expertise we have advised partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Abu Dhabi and have helped to find and to realize performance based repair concepts for structures sometimes of national significance.

We present results of projects and scientific findings at conferences and in related print issues. Furthermore, we contribute to national and European standardisation bodies (DIN/ CEN) and are members of the Institute of Corrosion. CITec staff are certified to level 2 (DIN EN 15257), level 3 (DIN EN ISO 15257) and level 4 (BS EN ISO 15257).